Some examples:
AP089 - Meter Clock - novelty clock displaying time (hours and minutes) on two meters. Sets from WiFi. Automatically adjusts for daylight saving times, adjustable for different regions.

Other versions in development, a 2U 19" panel with three meters - hours, minutes and seconds.

Document : User Manual

Available for purchase, please contact us.

AP086 - CyberChime - MIDI controlled glockenspiel. Main article here.

Available for purchase, please contact us.

AP087 - Lighting controller - a small 11 mm x 10.8 mm board intended for use in scale model displays such as model railways. The LED can be programmed to illuminate at different colour temperatures and effects such as welding, TV, fire etc. Once programmed, the module 'remembers' the settings. All operates from a single 12V power supply with no other connections required once set up.

Document : Operation Manual

AP068 - PIC1572 evaluation board - a compact board to allow simple prototyping with the PIC1572 microcontroller with 0.1” connectors. Provides easy connections to I/O lines and the programming interface.
Bluetooth Test suite - automatic connection & functional test of devices on production line. (VB controller application)
Bluetooth script setup - set up modules to perform various functions.  
Front Panel Controller - for Hi-Fi amplifers.  
USB DAC Prototype - for evaluating DAC design before integration into larger unit. (PCB design).
Turntable (record player) Speed Controller - highly accurate adjustable control.  
Motion Activated Light - battery powered LED illumination to fit inside musical instruments. This was a complete design including software and PCB.  
Data logger for weather balloons - logging geiger counter data, with GPS logging option.  
WiFi sensor systems - read temperature, make data available over web, send data to remote php driven server.  
Gas Mains Pressure tester - to test gas mains pipes after installation for leaks before final commissioning. With Bluetooth communication to smart phone.  
Camera controller - Bluetooth SMART controller to control DSLR cameras, full control standalone, initialised by smartphone.  
Payphone system - complete software both embedded in assembler & host control systems.  
Radio modems - camera control over RF using low-cost modems & fast packet radio systems.  
Competition results systems - results and galleries driven in php.  
Pebble Watch App - Rugby Timer & Scorekeeper. More information.  
Fitbit Apps - Metronome app & Ukulele chord reference app